How Much Ham to Buy?

When choosing bony ham (which is heavier), plan for about 1/2 pound per person, and 1/3 pound if choosing boneless ham. In the end, some people will eat more than they expected, while others will eat less; it will all be balanced. If you’re making a lot of side dishes, choose a smaller size; if you text your roommate, “ham party at 3pm on a Sunday,” buy more. If you want to make ham sandwiches, breakfast omelets and quiches, or small ham croquettes, add an extra pound or two to your order.

For ten adults, how much ham do I need

Molly Siegler, recipe developer and food editor at Whole Foods Market, recommends one-quarter to one-half pound of boneless ham per person and half to three-quarters of a pound of boneless ham per meal.

In other words, if you’re serving 10 people, you’ll need boneless ham that weighs between 2 1/2 and 5 pounds, or ham with bones that weighs half a pound and 7 1/2 pounds. Siegler suggests spiral-sliced ​​hams at this point for easy ham preparation because “they work really well for serving and make Christmas preparation a little easier,” he wrote in an email.

If served boneless or ham:

Estimate that each individual will consume 1/4 to 1/3 pound of ham. If everyone eats 1/3 pound of boneless ham or honey ham, here’s a basic estimate of how much you’ll need per person:

If you want to have leftover ham per person for a sandwich, you may want to get a slightly heavier ham!

If serving ham with bones:

In your calculations, you must include the weight of the bone. Per person, you need about 1/3 to 1/2 pound of beef. Here’s how much bone ham you’ll need per person based on everyone eating 1/2 pound:

Again, you may want to get a slightly larger whole ham to ensure that everyone has enough meat to take home.

How many people can be fed a 10 pound ham

A ten-pound spiral-cut ham will serve 15-20 people, and even 22 if the ham is large enough and the bones aren’t too wide, according to Feeding the Crowd.

How many people can be fed a kilogram of ham

At Andrew’s, we recommend that you order gammon in advance to ensure you get the size and type you want.

Ordering cooked ham is an excellent choice if you want to do as little preparation as possible. All of our Suffolk gammon is cooked on site, ensuring the meat remains moist and fresh. We then cut and package all the ordered ham joints to ensure that they stay fresh until they are opened.

Cooking raw gammon is a Christmas tradition for many of our clients. It’s also much cheaper. Our raw suffolk gammon is available plain or smoked, and is slightly pickled, so there is no need to rinse before cooking. Ordering raw gammon, whether smoked or not, is also the only way to incorporate it with a variety of delicious winter flavors and layer it in a traditional Christmas style.

Which size should I order?

If you order cooked ham, it will almost certainly be served cold as part of a meat platter. In this situation, 125g per person would be appropriate. A 1kg joint will serve about 8 people in this situation. If you want it to last for a few days, choose a larger size.

We recommend allowing 200g per person for raw gammon joints. The 1KG joint serves approximately 5 people, while the 5KG outlet serves approximately 25 people.

How to prepare and cook raw gammon?

-In a large saucepan, place your raw gammon joint and cover it with the cooking liquid of your choice: water or pretty apple cider. To add flavor, add bay leaf and spices.

– Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and cook for 20 minutes per 500g (1h20m for 2kg).

For 12 adults, what size ham do I need

The following assumptions are used in our little calculator how much ham I need per person:

  • A boneless ham weighing 0.45 pounds (0.2 kg) is required for the average individual.
  • You need 0.65 lb (0.3 kg) per person if you are using bone ham.

Calculation of the size of the ham you should do is quite easy:

For boneless ham, follow these directions:

For the ham bone-in, follow these instructions:

So we need 5.4 pounds of boneless ham or:

So now that you know how much ham I need to feed 12 people, check out our turkey calculator to get ready for next Thanksgiving!

  • Time to roast the turkey
  • Time to thaw the turkey

How many people can feed a 3.5 pound ham

The portion-per-pound method. A bone ham will serve two to three people per pound, while a boneless ham will serve four to five people per pound, according to Recipe Tips. You may want to arrange a larger amount for your guests as this is a small portion.

Is boneless ham better than boneless ham

Ready-to-eat boneless and boneless ham available; the bone-in ham was superior in every way but one: ease of slicing. Bones add flavor and moisture to a dish while enhancing its presentation. In addition, ham bones are an invaluable culinary utensil. You can cook them with black peas or collard greens (or both), make ham broth or soup with them, use them to flavor slow cooker jambalaya, or prepare a one-pot dinner with white beans and smoked ham.

For 30 people, how much ham do I need

The number of people that can be fed a whole ham depends on whether you are serving it for dinner or as part of a buffet. A 13 pound whole ham served for dinner will serve 22 to 24 people, while a 16 pound ham will serve 28 to 30 people.

Can I store ham in the refrigerator for a long time

Information. Spiral-cut ham and leftover consumer cooked ham can be stored for three to five days in the refrigerator or frozen for one to two months. Keep your refrigerator at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and your freezer at or near 0 degrees Fahrenheit. See also Food Safety and Ham.

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