How to Cook Spiral Ham in Traeger?

It’s easy to smoke ham on your Traeger e-cigarette.

  • Glaze Preparation The first step is to make the honey glaze, so take a saucepan and mix the ginger ale, brown sugar, honey and apple cider vinegar. Bring water to boil. Cook for about 15 minutes, or until the glaze has reduced by half. Cook for another 5 minutes after adding the other ingredients. Remove the pan from the heat.
  • When it boils, take your spiral ham and remove all netting and wrapping before placing it in a large foil pan. Separate slices one by one and sprinkle honey glaze in between. You have to keep your hands in front so that the slices don’t tear as they fall. After that, apply the glaze to the top of the ham.
  • Prepare the smoker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In our Traeger electric smoker, we use cherry wood pellets. Preheat your smoker to about 240 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking.
  • After that, you’ll place the pan on top of the Traeger smoker with the spiral ham inside. It will take 3 hours to complete the smoking process. The ham is fully cooked, but the double smoking procedure adds more smoke and a delicious layer of honey. Remove the meat from the smoker and serve immediately!

On a pellet grill, how to cook spiral ham

Heat your smoker to 230F to 240F for cooking. Cover the lid with the spiral ham slices and place over the smoker. Every hour, brush the ham with additional glaze. It will take 3 hours to complete the smoking process.

Hurry see this recipe

  • Heat Traeger to 375 degrees F and add boneless ham.
  • Make a spread of dry rub butter with spices.
  • While smoking, brush the smoked ham twice.
  • Smoke the ham for 90 minutes, or until it reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step by step details

  • Preheat the Traeger pellet smoker grill to 375F. Remove the boneless ham from its packaging and pat dry with a paper towel.
  • (Photo A) Immediately place the ham on the Traeger grill rack.
  • (picture B) To make the butter spread, mix all the ingredients in a small saucepan (butter, ground spices, rosemary) and place in the Traeger smoker. Allow the ingredients to heat for 20 minutes, or until the butter is completely melted.
  • (figure C) Brush half of the melted herb butter all over the ham after 30 minutes of smoking. Spread the remaining glaze all over the ham after another 30 minutes.
  • Smoke the ham for about 90 minutes in the Traeger, or until it is completely warm and reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees F.
  • (figure D) Remove the smoked ham from the oven and leave for 10-15 minutes to allow the juices to settle. Serve with a tasty side dish, such as crock pot sweet potato.

On the Traeger grill, how do you cook ham

Avoid the bone by inserting the probe into the center of the ham. Place the ham strips on the grill grill. Cook for 60 minutes with the lid closed.

On a pellet grill, how long does it take to cook pre-cooked ham

When smoked on a pellet grill at 225F, your ham will take 10-12 minutes per pound of meat to cook. A 10 pound ham will cook in about 100-120 minutes, or 1 hour 40 minutes or 2 hours.

Do you smoke ham wrapped in foil

Prepare Your Ham for Smoking I always add a few pieces of wood to your coals once it reaches 225 degrees. Now it’s just a matter of putting your ham on the smoker. Remove the ham from the smoker after two (2) hours at 225 degrees and wrap in aluminum foil.

On a pellet grill, what temperature do you smoke ham at

The fact that ham can be prepared and served in many different ways contributes to its popularity. Smoking ham is one of our favorite ways to eat it. While smoking ham takes a bit of effort, the result is an unrivaled taste that is well worth the effort.

It’s up to you whether you want smoked raw ham (uncured, often known as “green ham”) or cooked and cured ham. Keep in mind that raw ham will take longer to cook because it needs to be cured first.

Curing (or brining) removes excess moisture and gives the ham a salty taste and color. If the butcher gives you raw ham, you will need to marinate it for a few days. You can skip the salting step if you use pre-cooked ham from the grocery store.

(Please note that the instructions in this post are for 7-pound hams.) Make the necessary adjustments for larger hams.)

How to Marinate Ham

Anyone interested in learning how to smoke raw ham should first learn how to marinate it. You can buy commercial brine seasoning packs, but you can save money by making your own.

Here’s a great pickling recipe for ham:

  • kosher salt (1/2 cup)
  • Morton Tender Quick Home Meat Cure 1 cup
  • 3/4 cup sugar (dark brown)
  • 1 teaspoon. whole garlic clove

In a saucepan, combine all ingredients and cook over medium-high heat until the solids (sugar and salt) are completely dissolved. Give it time to cool down.

Prepare the ham by placing it, unwrapped, in a clean bowl or cooking pot while the brining liquid cools. You can also use commercial brining bags, which are convenient because they can be thrown away after use.

Pour the cooled brining liquid over the ham and make sure it is well submerged. (To dilute the brine and make enough liquid, add up to an extra gallon of water.) Before placing the brine container in the refrigerator, wrap it in plastic wrap or cover it with a lid. It should be kept there for seven days (or one day per pound of ham.)

You can even add some brine to the ham for a richer taste. This should be done before covering the ham, and you should have enough brine left to allow the ham to soak.

Rinse the ham after salting and set aside to dry for up to 24 hours on a wire rack above the container in the refrigerator. It will be ready to smoke now!

How Long To Smoke Ham?

Place the ham on the grate once your grill or smoker has reached 225 degrees. Smoke for an hour when the ham is fully cooked.

How long does it take to cook raw ham? Expect to smoke it for up to 7 hours, until it reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit, when it’s salted and prepared.

Smoked Ham Internal Temperature

A safe internal temperature for ham is at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit. If the thickest part of your ham doesn’t reach that temperature, return it to the grill for a few more minutes.

You can save what you don’t eat from the ham after it’s cooked. It is best to reheat the remaining ham for maximum food safety. If packaged in a USDA-vetted commercial plant, the USDA recommends heating it to 140 degrees, and 165 degrees otherwise (like your local butcher.)

How long should a cooked ham be smoked at 225 degrees

It takes 4 hours. If you use a pellet smoker or don’t have a temperature gauge, set it to 225 degrees for 1.5 minutes, then check the temperature inside.

What’s the best way to cook spiral ham without drying out

Spiral Ham: How To Cook It Without Drying It

  • Remove the spiral ham from the packaging and set aside the liquid.
  • To prevent the pan from drying out, pour the juice from the packet to the bottom.
  • Wrap the spiral ham in foil tightly so that no steam escapes.
  • Preheat oven to 350F and position rack in center.

Is it possible to smoke ham on a smoker’s grill

Place the ham on the smoker with the flat side down. Smoke the ham for 2 hours, or until it reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit on the inside. Using a silicone brush, apply one round of glaze to the ham. Remove the ham after 30 minutes of smoking or until it reaches 140 degrees F.

On a pellet pit grill, how do you smoke cooked ham

In today’s dish, we’ll be using the Pit Boss Pellet Grill to smoke cooked ham before finishing with Doc and Artie’s Doc and Tangy Ginger-Peach Glaze. This ham dish is perfect for Easter, Christmas and other occasions.

  • 7 pounds of cooked ham
  • Honey Hog BBQ Rub from Meat Church
  • Tangy Ginger-Peach BBQ Glaze by Doc and Artie
  • Use cherry wood pellets to preheat the Pit Boss Pellet smoker to 225 degrees F.
  • Score the ham in a 3/4 inch wide diagonal pattern.
  • Church Seasoning BBQ Meat Rub for Honey Hogs
  • Cook until the ham reaches 138 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cook ham to 145 degrees F, then coat with Ginger-Peach glaze.
  • Remove the meat from the smoker and set aside for 10 minutes before serving.

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