How to make bacon and eggs on hay day?

How do I prepare bacon on hay day

Pigs that have been fed pig feed are used to make bacon. Pigs need 4 hours after feeding to gain weight. After that, the player can put them into the steam engine to make bacon.

What are the most profitable projects on Hay Day

Animal items, especially milk and bacon, are great items to sell quickly in your store. Eggs sell a little slower, but they will eventually. Stop in the truck! Trucks are great for upgrades, but they only pay you a fraction of the value of the items you transport.

There is no legitimate source for Hay Day cheat codes, hacks, cheap diamonds, free diamonds or anything like that.

The most profitable trees are apple trees, followed by coffee and olive trees. The only other factor to consider is the popularity of the item. Apples may not sell as fast as blackberries or cherries, but they will eventually.

Hay Day, Who Eats the Meat Bucket

The Meat Bucket becomes available when the player reaches Reputation Level 3, unlocks the Sanctuary, and owns at least one Arctic Fox or Cheetah Sanctuary animal. They are used to feed the fauna of the reserve. They are kept in the barn with other products.

How long does it take for a cow to produce milk on a hay day

It takes ten minutes to make three units of cattle feed. When the cows are ready to be milked again, you will collect all the milk and replenish your grain reserves. While Daily Dirt provides milk, it is in high demand as it also needs to be fed to cats.

How much does a bacon pie cost on hay day

  • In 4 hours, the pie oven produces 1 bacon pie worth 219 coins (26 Exp.), which is about 73,2 coins (8,7 Exp.) per hour.
  • In 1d1b0m = 2.196 coins, the pie oven prepares 10 bacon pies (260 Exp.), which is about 86.1 coins per hour (10.2 Exp.).

When the project takes more than 1 hour, we estimate the value. It’s worth noting that hourly earnings are only available for the highest paying items and ideal gaming conditions. Additional slots can be useful in this regard. No ingredients purchased!

How do I make cheese on hay days

When you reach level 12, you can make cheese, which requires milk. You make a third difficult product in dairy. “Milk” is one of the most powerful words in the English language. To do this, follow these steps:

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