How to Make Deer Bacon Recipe?

Breasts are the best option. The breast is by far my favorite cut of venison bacon, as shown below, taking it from the carcass. You can make venison bacon from different parts of deer, but deer has a particularly good brisket fat/meat ratio, neither too much meat nor too much fat that would be too fatty.

What is Venison Bacon Made of

Venison bacon is more accurately called shaped bacon because it’s made with ground meat, rather than a full cut of the pork belly like regular bacon. It’s made and fried in the same way as venison sausage, but with bacon spice and thinly sliced.

How long should venison bacon be cooked

Bacon made with venison is less greasy than regular bacon. The chunks are much larger, easier to flip, and best of all, the venison bacon only takes 6 to 8 minutes per side to cook. The best way to cook venison bacon is in a cast iron skillet over medium heat.

Speaking of venison, how much bacon do you use

However, when grinding venison, you must add bacon ends or chunks. If this is not done, the grinding process may become difficult.

Also, the amount of bacon you should be mixing is an important consideration. We recommend a mix of 20% bacon and 80% venison in this recipe. So, for 1 pound of venison, it’s 0.2 lbs of bacon.

Can venison be cured

Cured meat was originally conceived as a way to preserve meat. Cured and smoked meats have been a tradition for many centuries.

In today’s society, we have incredible gadgets like refrigerators and freezers, so home cooks don’t have to worry about how long their meat will last. Things like taste and texture are more important to us.

As a hunter, I consume a lot of venison. Venison is a very lean meat. It can be rough, especially if it’s overcooked. I also get a wild deer every now and then. Venison should not be game if handled properly, from shot to slaughter. However, errors do occur from time to time. Or you might just get an old, strong buck whose hormones have been running for weeks and he’ll have some unusual flavors. Anyway, the idea is that curing meat can help tenderize it and change its flavor.

In my opinion, marinating venison eliminates almost any game flavor. When you think of corned beef, does it remind you of roast beef or steak?

Curing can be done in two ways: wet and dry. I’ll focus on wet marinating because it’s the easiest and most consistent way to marinate meat.

Can bacon be made from other animals

Meat from other animals, such as beef, lamb, chicken, goat, or turkey, may be sliced, cured, or otherwise prepared to resemble bacon and referred to as “turkey bacon.”

Is Venison Bacon Good For You

After that, the bacon strips are ready to be fried. Venison bacon is a healthier alternative to regular bacon, which is high in fat and cholesterol. It usually contains half of these unhealthy ingredients. Venison bacon can be used to complement traditional whole pork bacon when bacon cravings outweigh the need to exclude unhealthy foods from the diet. The advantage of making bacon in a smoker is that it can be made into any shape or style and can be seasoned to personal preference.

How long does it take for bacon to cook in the oven

  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Arrange bacon in a single layer on 2 foil-lined baking sheets or place on 2 wire racks on 2 foil-lined baking sheets for extra crispy bacon.
  • Bake for 10 to 20 minutes, or until the bacon is browned and rippled, or until the desired doneness is achieved. (Begin monitoring doneness at 10 minutes, as cooking time will vary depending on how thick the bacon is and how you prefer to cook it.)

What is the definition of venison belly

Boneless rib from deer is usually best in a sausage pile or at worst discarded. Collagen-rich silver skin and tendons, lean meat and lots of fat make up the cut. Due to this triple stimulus, the belly has to be cooked for a long time, but once cooked, it becomes delicate and aromatic. Add smoky (and fatty) bacon, spicy mustard, acidic pickles, and lots of delicious onions to make everything even better.

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