Is smoked bacon saltier than unsmoked?

Contrary to popular belief, unsmoked bacon is not always less salty than smoked bacon. Furthermore, there is no established pattern for differences in salt concentration between different bacon species. Therefore, the labelling of bacon products must be clear and consistent.

The saltiness of bacon is not affected by smoking. Instead, it just enhances the flavor, dries and preserves the meat. The salt used in the curing process gives both smoked and unsmoked bacon its salty flavor. It helps preserve food by removing moisture from meat, thereby limiting habitable habitats for contaminating organisms such as bacteria and fungi. This is one of the reasons why smoking foods can help extend their shelf life.

Meat preservation varies by country. On the other hand, therapy and smoking are the most popular in most western countries. Bacon procedures also vary from region to region. Many people choose it as a food preservation method because they feel that the salt may contain contaminants that can lead to unpleasant curing results. Therefore, unsmoked bacon is saltier than smoked bacon, since salt is primarily used for curing.

Is smoked bacon saltier than unsmoked bacon

  • Just two slices of bacon can find more than half of the maximum daily salt recommendation.
  • Some bacon from the same store has three times as much salt as others.
  • The food industry and the Department of Health have disappointed the British public during these difficult times, and CASH is calling for swift action.

As the recession worsens, consumers are turning to cheaper items like bacon to feed their families. New research from Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) shows that bacon contains unnecessarily high levels of salt, with some products containing more than half the daily salt standard in just 2 slices of bacon – more than double the concentration of seawater per 100 grams .

  • Tesco Everyday Value Unsmoked Rid-On Middle Bacon Rasher 5.3g/2 Ribs Middle Bacon: Tesco Everyday Value Unsmoked Rid-On Middle Bacon Rasher 5.3g/2 Ribs

Even within the same grocery store, bacon’s saltiness varies significantly. For example, the smoked bacon product sold by Morrison’s has three times as much salt as another Morrison’s smoked bacon product (6.8g/100g vs. 2g/100g). Sainsbury’s offers reduced salt bacon with about half as much salt as their Taste The Difference bacon (2.95g/100g). 5.58g/100g Unsmoked Wiltshire Cured Outdoor Bacon Bacon is still saltier than the sea even the low-salt version, so aim to limit your intake as part of a healthy balanced diet.

As part of the liability agreement, the Ministry of Health should work with producers to reduce salt levels in food.

However, according to industry reports, only two of the top seven retailers, Tesco and Marks & Spencer, are on track to meet their 2012 bacon target (bacon target: 2.88 grams of salt per 100 grams) by the end of the year. If both responsible stores can hit the mark, why aren’t all bacon foods reduced in salt, and it’s clearly possible to produce bacon with less salt?

“For every 1 gram reduction in salt intake, we could avoid 12,000 heart attacks, strokes and heart failures, half of which would be fatal,” said Graham MacGregor, CASH Chair and Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Barts & The Wolfson Institute in London . “As bacon is now a significant source of salt in our diets, the Ministry of Health must ensure that producers reduce the amount of salt in these very salty bacon foods in a timely manner.”

While foods like bacon are still high in salt, clear and consistent front-of-package labels are definitely needed to help shoppers make informed shopping decisions. On the other hand, CASH found significant discrepancies in the information provided on the packaging/point of sale, making it difficult for customers to compare items. Some companies use traffic light labels, while others opt for daily guideline amounts, while others opt for nothing. Neither Marks & Spencer nor ASDA provide any information on serving size other than a rash or two. If the Department of Health is to encourage people to eat low-salt products, it must ensure that all manufacturers use the same labeling method; otherwise, it is unreasonable to expect people to make healthy choices.

There was also no trend in differences in salt content between varieties of bacon, underscoring the importance of clear and consistent labelling. Despite popular belief, smoked bacon is not always higher in salt than unsmoked bacon. Despite a nearly seven-fold difference in price per 100 grams (range: 2.22 – 0.32), CASH found no significant difference in salt content between economy bacon and regular or premium bacon.

“In times of crunch, we have enough to think about without worrying that our budget meal options include too much salt,” says Hannah Brinsden, CASH dietitian. Manufacturers must make sure to reduce the amount of salt in bacon and provide us with standard Labeling system so that we can choose low-salt products and protect our health. “

Victoria Taylor, senior nutritionist at the British Heart Foundation (BHF), said: “We can all make our cooked breakfasts healthier by grilling instead of frying, including more fruit and smaller portions.”

However, while you can avoid adding more salt yourself, you cannot take back the salt the manufacturer has already put in. We need the food sector to help consumers by implementing regular reformulation programs and clear traffic light color front-packaged food labels. Too much salt in our diets has been linked to high blood pressure, a key risk factor for heart disease, and as a nation, everyone can help reduce the amount of salt we eat. “

Industry response

Morrisons have announced that they will be launching a low-salt bacon product in the new year.

Ref 1 According to Kantar statistics published by the Department of Health, bacon is the second largest single source of salt in the UK.

NDNS data also shows the contribution of salt to the UK diet. Bacon and ham make up 7 percent of the sodium intake of adults aged 19 to 64. (Bread: 18%) 128166

For more information on surveys, see Reference 2.

The poll looked at bacon from ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and The Co-operative and other major stores.

Iceland refused to let us take pictures.

  • The survey includes streaky, middle and back bacon, as well as smoked and non-smoked bacon, premium, economy and regular ranges.
  • In August 2012, data was collected in stores. This information is collected from the company’s website. Use a digital camera to collect salt/sodium/100g/serving information/pack weight/serving size.
  • The George Institute in Australia is a leader in entering information into international databases.

The Liability Agreement was first published in March 2011 and an annual update was published in July 2012. Full details of partners, targets and reporting progress are available on the Ministry of Health’s website: sheet/


Types of nutrition labels used in this study included GDA, traffic light, per serving, per 100 grams, sodium and salt. At the time of purchase, a few companies do not provide serving size information on the outer packaging and/or have no label on the front of the package.

There are also differences in how manufacturers calculate information. Some consider it “raw” (Brands, M&S, Waitrose, The Co-operative), while others consider it “baked” (ASDA, Sainsbury’s Morrisons). Tesco labels 100g data as “raw” and some data as “roasted”. This means that data can only be fairly compared within supermarkets, not between them.

Because the goals are based on “sold,” but individuals cook and use bacon in a variety of ways (eg, roasted, fried, as part of a dish), CASH believes that nutritional information should provide a basis for a fair comparison on “sold” .

Which bacon has the least amount of salt

This study shows that bacon can be produced with less salt. Co-operative 8 Reduced Fat Unsmoked Bacon Medallions is the least salty bacon overall, at just 1.45g/100g*, four times the saltiest bacon.

All but one product, The Co-operative 8 Reduced Fat Non-Smoked Bacon Medal (1.45g/100g), all evaluated items should have a red traffic light label on the top of the carton.

Which bacon is saltier

Pork belly cured or cured in a salt solution is called bacon. As a result, it may have an overly salty taste. Soaking bacon in water before cooking can help reduce the saltiness, but it can also reduce the smoky smell.

What is the difference between smoked and unsmoked bacon

Unsmoked bacon is cooked to whatever specifications the chef desires and does not add any flavor to the meat until it is sold commercially; smoked bacon is just that: smoked on a specific type of wood to give it a unique flavor; smoked bacon is This way: smoked on a specific type of wood to give it a unique flavor; unsmoked bacon is cooked to the chef’s specifications without any flavor getting into the meat before being sold commercially.

Does bacon have a lot of salt in it

Eating salty foods is associated with an increased risk of stomach cancer (9).

In salt-sensitive individuals, high salt intake can also increase blood pressure (10).

Although high blood pressure is dangerous in the long run, studies have not found a consistent link between salt intake and death from heart disease (11).

However, if you have high blood pressure and are salt sensitive, you should limit your salt intake, which includes bacon.

In salt-sensitive people, eating large amounts of bacon and other salty foods can raise blood pressure. It has also been linked to an increased risk of stomach cancer.

What gives English bacon its salty taste

During the curing process, bacon is soaked in brine to give it its flavor, preserve it and give the rash its color.

Because adding salt to the meat makes it an inhospitable environment for bacteria to thrive, bacon has a much longer shelf life than fresh pigs.

However, according to a survey conducted by Sugar Action, bacon can easily be prepared with far fewer minerals than is currently available.

The Co-operative Fat-Reduced Non-Smoked Bacon Medallion has the least amount of salt at just 0.9 grams per two slices.

Select Farms British Dry Ced Thin & Crispy Smoked Streaky Bacon from M&S has a lower amount at 0.5g/tablet, but the skin slices are much smaller.

The campaign found that bacon foods labeled “reduced salt” didn’t always contain the lowest levels of minerals.

Lidl Birchwood Smoked Reduced Salted Back Bacon contains 2.1 grams per 100 grams (1.5 grams) compared to Waitrose Free Range Unsmoked Back Bacon.

Some shops have been condemned by Operation Salt for exploiting a loophole to make their bacon look like it didn’t actually taste salty.

Some restaurants prefer to list the salt content of raw rashes rather than cooked ones. When beef is cooked, it loses about 30% of its salt.

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease, and salt in processed foods (CVD) can exacerbate high blood pressure.

Is smoked bacon good for you

Potassium supports bone health, heart health, muscle strength and avoids high blood pressure and is one of the minerals in bacon. Bacon also contains more than half of the recommended daily intake of two key minerals: selenium and phosphorus.

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