What does shakin bacon mean?

(pejorative, slang) spy or policeman. run! All because of the bacon!

What do you say when someone says something is shaking

“What’s shaking’?” was a common way to ask someone’s happiness years ago. It is very versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. It’s still in use today, but with less frequency.

When a person is asked this question, the typical response is “not much”. Or “Everything is fine.” However, be careful if you ask this question to someone who is sensitive to vibration. The answer is “everything”. Everything is shaking, but the magnitude and frequency of the shaking is what matters. The blank look in the questioner’s eyes is the first thing you observe after answering the question. If the person is at a party or with someone who is not vibrating, they will try to leave after hearing a response.

Of course, as a vibrator, the vacuous eyes indicate that more explanation is needed to help the asker’s perception of frequency and amplitude. This should help students understand what happens when things vibrate, or more specifically, what happens when things vibrate too much. The theory is that if the person is given an explanation, the blank stare leaves, leaving a trace of understanding in their eyes. The opposite is true. Using gestures to convey frequency rather than amplitude and a lot of how the sidebands reveal which component on the machine is malfunctioning just translates blank stares into trapped animal expressions, because the party has no whiteboard to draw on, just cocktail napkins.

My wife usually shows up after an hour of educating the person to save the unfortunate victim. We made a deal, she whispered in my ear. If you were to ask me what I do for a living, I would tell you that I deal with computers, I don’t deal with vibrations. Of course, I found a loophole when he asked “what’s shaking?” Not “what do I do for a living”, but that’s another story.

The moral of the story is that many people don’t know or care about vibration. Our job is basically two-fold: we have to make sure that the machines we monitor run for as long as possible, and we also have to be able to communicate the state of the machine to the “non-vibration layman” in very short descriptions.

I’ve found that providing a high-amplitude picture of the machine’s spectrum versus a picture of the same machine a few months ago (when vibration levels were low) allows the reader to see the difference without too much vibration interpretation. A picture is worth a thousand words, and adding alerts and color to your report will help you make sense of your point.

Keep the report simple and understandable, and keep a full record for yourself explaining everything.

The example below is from a component report showing when data was collected and the alerts detected on those dates.

What the heck is in a shaken smoothie

The “Lava Java” ($6.75) tasted a little less, showing that not everything is perfect. The coffee, chocolate and banana combo didn’t quite catch on. But don’t panic; bananas and chocolate are proving to be a great pairing elsewhere on the menu.

Are you a peanut butter fanatic? Order yourself a Peanut Brada ($6.75) for the love (into God). It’s the perfect balance of salty, sweet, creamy and chocolatey, along with banana, “PB”, chocolate and milk.

What does “Shake and Bake” mean in Talladega nights

Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby are known as Shake & Bake. Ricky is Bake and Cal is Shake. Cal gets excited when he hears “Shake & Bake” because “it rhymes and they’re all verbs…awesome!” This is the real power of Shake & Bake that only real Americans like Cal and Ricky can understand. Jean Girard despises Shake & Bake because he’s a gay, French guy obsessed with “Formula Un”. According to Girard, the nickname is “nonsense.” He’s done.

What does “shake it” mean in basketball

Which NBA player do you think has the most “shake it”? Why is Shake ‘N Bake called Shake ‘N Bake?

Shake ‘N Bake takes its name from the delicious chicken coating created by the fine folks at Kraft. In a plastic bag, shake the coating with a piece of chicken, then cook the coated chicken. Shake ‘N Bake is a basketball move in which players pretend their way over an opponent by moving their bodies left and right. Shake ‘N Bake is so named because players shake their bodies before placing the ball under the basket and roasting (or burning) the opponent. (For example, “Iverson controls the ball. He shakes the Stackhouse, then puts it on a rack for two to eat!” (The Basketball Shake Bake, like its chicken cousin, is a short-lived Action that can translate into something bigger – a good basket.

In my opinion, Allen Iverson is the best Shake’N Baker in the NBA. He can outrun some of the NBA’s best defenders with Shake ‘N Bake thanks to his crossover movement and foot speed. Stephon Marbury and Tracy McGrady received honorable mentions for their delicious Shake ‘N Bakes.

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