What Size of Honey Baked Ham Should I Buy?

The number of people that can be fed a whole ham depends on whether you serve it for dinner or as part of a buffet. A 13 pound whole ham served for dinner will serve 22 to 24 people, while a 16 pound ham will serve 28 to 30 people.

Honey Baked Ham offers a variety of ham sizes.

There are four different methods for ordering ham. Quarter ham (which serves four to six people), half ham (which comes in five sizes ranging from six to ten pounds), whole ham (which can serve 36 people), and boneless ham (which doesn’t have the trademark spiral cut around bone).

What is the best way to determine the size of ham to buy

Estimate the size needed for the ham based on the number of servings the type of ham should provide:

  • Boneless ham, 1/4 to 1/3 pound each serving
  • Each dish of bone-in ham contains 1/3 to 1/2 pound of meat.

For 12 adults, what size ham do I need

The following assumptions are used in our little calculator how much ham I need per person:

  • A boneless ham weighing 0.45 pounds (0.2 kg) is required for the average individual.
  • You need 0.65 lb (0.3 kg) per person if you are using bone ham.

Calculation of the size of the ham you should do is quite easy:

For boneless ham, follow these directions:

For the ham bone-in, follow these instructions:

So we need 5.4 pounds of boneless ham or:

So now that you know how much ham I need to feed 12 people, check out our turkey calculator to get ready for next Thanksgiving!

  • Time to roast the turkey
  • Time to thaw the turkey

Is HoneyBaked Ham bone-in superior to HoneyBaked Ham bone-in

Is it true that bone-in ham is superior to boneless ham? YES! Ham with bones is more flavorful and juicy than boneless ham. Both boneless and boneless ham are often sold cooked.

How far in advance can HoneyBaked Ham be purchased

Start by ordering: Ham, turkey, side dishes and desserts are all available. Choose a convenient pick up date and time, then pay with a credit card or HoneyBaked gift card online. We take orders up to 20 days in advance and don’t take orders the same day.

Whole or half?

Whole hams are large cuts of meat that can weigh over 20 pounds. Even if you’re serving a full church choir, you’ll want to buy a half ham, which weighs between 6 and 10 pounds (or at most, two and a half hams, which will cook more evenly than a whole ham).

Buttocks or calves?

Whole hams are large, meaty cuts that can weigh up to 20 pounds. Even if you feed the entire church choir, you should still get half a ham, which weighs between 6 and 10 pounds (or at most, two and a half hams, which will cook more evenly than a whole ham).

Spiral slice?

When roasted, cut ham can dry out and crack in an unpleasant way. Liquid may leak between the slices during boiling, causing them to swell and fall apart. While precut ham is convenient, we prefer to develop our carving skills and enjoy meat with more texture.

Water added?

“Water added” refers to the regular injection of water into city hams to keep them wet. Aqueous products are a labeling device for solutions that may contain “natural flavours, softening MSG and other chemicals and other flavours”. Instead of paying for the extra water weight, we prefer to add our own moisture with a fun component like apple cider.

Natural juice added?

See remaining ingredients on label. Is it stated? “a solution with a concentration of up to 10%…? That ham, as well as those with added sugar or oil, are not for you. If it’s been injected with something, it has been injected with something “If we were looking for a really juicy and salty ham we might consider it if it had natural pork juice. However, we usually ignore all of this because we don’t need the added salt in our ham, which is usually brought on by the chemicals injected to the table.

How big?

Per person, half a pound. We also prefer to add an extra pound for every fourth person, being careful of any leftovers. So if there are ten people at the table, start with a 7 to 8 pound ham.

What is HoneyBaked Ham’s smallest ham

Our Honey Baked HamBone-In Quarter features the same soft slices and crunchy glaze as our original Honey Baked HamBone-In Half, but is perfect for smaller groups. Spiral wedge for convenience.

Is there any boneless ham available from HoneyBaked Ham

Ship Now: Honey BakedTM Boneless Ham Every Honey BakedTM Boneless Ham is made with the same quality and care as our other products. There is no extra water or liquid, and it smokes gently. Lean, juicy and tender to perfection.

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