Where Does Arby’s Roast Beef Come From?

They dug a little deeper and headed straight for the Quality Assurance Arby. They confirmed that the rumors were completely false and that their roast was made entirely of beef. They were fully aware of the myth, and Jim Lowder of Arby contacted Snopes, a website dedicated to debunking them. “Thank you for helping dispel the urban mythology surrounding Arby’s Roast Beef. I’m sure I’m not the only one annoyed by this type of story. Your question cannot be answered. Our products are not shipped in paste, gel or liquid form.”

Cynics think, “Of course they would say that.” However, this was independently corroborated by Arby employees who worked both behind the counter and in the kitchen.

What kind of roast beef does Arby’s use

Arby’s rose to prominence as a unique restaurant that dared to do something different from what every other fast food restaurant did at the time, namely hamburgers. Their famous roast beef sandwich helps them get into the scene.

Since then, their menu has grown to include a wide variety of choices for their customers. Nevertheless, Arby’s roast beef remains their most popular menu.

Arby Roast Beef is a beef cut from a round roast. Roast beef sandwiches range in price from $4 to $7 and have 300 to 800 calories. While Arby’s doesn’t sell roast beef by the pound, deli beef can be purchased by the pound. One of the healthiest menu choices at Arby’s is the Classic Roast Beef Sandwich.

What kind of meat does Arby serve

The beef at Arby’s is not all beef. Because it contains MSG, Arby’s Angus beef, which is used in many chain dishes, contains hydrolyzed soy protein, which is widely used as a flavor enhancer. Sugar, caramel color, and yeast extract (another source of MSG) are also present in meat. That’s two doses of MSG!

Is the beef in Arby’s liquid

There are (false) rumors that the meat is sold in liquid form. The roast beef has been arriving in sealed bags at the Arby location since 1971, soaked in a solution of water, salt and sodium phosphate. Then it is removed from the sack and baked on the spot for three hours.

Is Arby’s Roast Beef Good for You

While the fast food sandwich industry is tough to crack, it can be argued that Arby’s has the entire “roast beef quadrant” under control. This is also an excellent niche to fill. Roast beef is classified as an extra lean cut by the FDA, which implies that the meat is rather healthy. But are Arby’s menu choices healthy enough to please this week’s expert?

“They say they make ‘good mood food’, but I just asked a colleague the other day, ‘What does that actually mean?’ “The choices aren’t bad…the sodium is high, but for someone who eats out just one meal a day and cooks their leftovers at home, that’s OK,” says registered dietitian Nour Zibdeh, MS of Arby’s, which has multiple locations in Virginia. North and around the Beltway but not yet opened in DC.

If that’s not your case, check out the tips below to find out how to eat at Arby’s without getting sick.

MEAT SANDWICHE (Ultimate Roast Beef and Angus Arby)

  • Worst (max) Beef ‘n’ Cheddar: This simple sandwich, stacked high with thin slices of roast beef, two slices of melted cheddar, and red ranch dressing on onion bread, packs 2,330 milligrams of sodium, 650 calories, and 110 milligrams of cholesterol when ordered in the “largest number” (among other scary statistics). Even the fancy (but smaller) bacon beef ‘n’ cheddar sandwich pales in comparison.
  • BetterBeef ‘n’ Cheddar Regular: This item has 440 calories, 1,290 milligrams of sodium, and 18 grams of fat in its standard serving size with one slice of cheese. “It has only half a gram of trans fat, which I like, but is high in sodium.” It’s not fantastic, but it’s not bad if you don’t have high blood pressure, according to Zibdeh, who also finds trans fats more dangerous than saturated fats. “On the menu, the best you can do is half a gram, and it’s a smaller sandwich.” To increase the amount, leave out the ranch dressing or leave out the cheese.
  • Best
  • There’s a reason Arby’s trademark first sandwich is on the Eat This, Not That-approved menu: it’s a classic roast beef. Only 350 calories, 950 milligrams of sodium, and 12 grams of fat with no toppings or sauces.


  • Sandwich with bacon and turkey ranch: Worst turkey ranch and bacon sandwich: Seems plausible at first glance, with in-store sliced ​​lean roast turkey, honey rye bread, and the first vegetables we saw in our analysis. However, you will consume 800 calories, 36 grams of fat, and 2,200 milligrams of salt if you order this. (Breads are made with fortified flour rather than whole grains, and ranch, cheese, and bacon aren’t good for your waistline.) If you can’t get enough of this sandwich, try the wrap version instead.
  • “I like this because it contains no trans fat,” comments BetterReuben, “but it has 1,600 milligrams of sodium.”
  • However, the salt most likely comes from sauerkraut, which has been shown to contain beneficial microorganisms. It’s not known whether Arby’s sauerkraut is high-quality or canned, which could influence arguments for or against this option.
  • The best pecan chicken salad sandwich: A red wine, pecan, apple, and grilled chicken salad sandwiched between two slices of honey rye bread in this masterpiece. Unfortunately, it’s all mixed in with mayo, which brings the total calories and fat to 840 and 44 grams, respectively. “Many of the calories come from pecans, which are high in fat; even so, it’s good fat,” explains Zibdeh.


  • Worst five-piece chicken tender: It should come as no surprise that the 590 calories of breaded fried chicken pieces (perhaps served with french fries or at least dipping sauce) are simply not worth it.
  • “It’s somewhat calorie-dense, low in fat, and while the sodium content is comparable to tender, it weighs more and will be more satisfying than tender,” our expert explains. It’s a good lunch option, with 380 calories, 12 grams of fat, 1,000 milligrams of sodium, and a little help from tomatoes and lettuce.

Despite the fact that most people are aware of the dangers of fast food, Zibdeh claims that there is one fact about it that most people are not aware of.

“It’s not just about what you will get

He emphasizes that calories, sodium, and fat are all about what you’re missing. “We don’t receive enough vitamins, minerals or nutrients when we eat.

However, according to Zibdeh, eating out can be enjoyed in moderation and with a little attention. Sauces, sauces and seasonings should be used with care. Arby’s buffalo dip, he says, contains 720 mg of sodium. If you must eat cheese, limit yourself to items that determine how much you’ll receive (like a sandwich with one slice of cheddar versus a cup of mac and cheese). Lastly, for added fiber, replace the fries with a side salad, and keep in mind that wraps are usually preferable to sandwiches because they cut carbs.

Is Arby’s Turkey real

Turkey Classic (plain turkey sandwich for $2.79) and Turkey ‘n Cheddar (plain turkey sandwich with cheese) for $3.49 are other sandwiches on the Turkey Roasters menu.

Grand Turkey Club is a show-stopper and center of attention. It all started with real turkey breast, not the jumbled lump of meat from an entire flock of turkeys folded into one big chunk of whatever.

Slow Arby roast a full turkey breast for 4 1/2 hours at 170 degrees. At that low temperature, I would scream, “Let’s move!” from the oven door.

Is the brisket at Arby’s real

Arby’s recorded 13 hours of smoked brisket and showed it as a cut-out ad without dialogue over the weekend to promote its Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich. According to the New York Times, the advert aired on a station in Duluth, Minnesota, and featured a lengthy view of seasoned beef cooked in a smoker “furnished with glass windows and interior lighting” in a Texas smokehouse that literally prepared chain brisket.

Arby’s corporate chef Neville Craw takes the cooked brisket out of the smoker at the end of the commercial. The meat is then sliced ​​and combined into the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich, which features smoked Gouda cheese and crispy fried onions as a garnish. According to Rapid TV News, the broadcast broke the Guinness World Record for longest television commercial ever aired on a Saturday. The point of the very long advertisement is to highlight the fact that Arby’s does smoke their beef. “If ever there was any doubt that we actually smoked our brisket for 13 hours on real hickory wood, this advert makes it very clear that we did,” said brand president Arby.

Is Arby Chicken 100% authentic

On the inside, it’s tender, juicy, and on the outside, fried to perfection for an incredible crunch. The original ones are Arbys Quality Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Tenders, and Crispy Chicken Sandwich which are produced from 100 percent premium chicken breast.

Make chicken nuggets, tenders or sandwiches to your specifications. You can customize your order by adding sauces or other condiments. If you’re still hungry, Arby’s offers a variety of side dishes and desserts to complete your meal. Arbys is your go-to place for some coveted chicken, do whatever you like.

Not in the mood for chicken today? Don’t worry, Arby’s has a lot more to offer. We have meat, as you know. So treat yourself to one of our delicious slow roast beef sandwiches. Or, choose from our Market Fresh menu, which features freshly produced wraps, sandwiches and gyros. Check out our Limited Time option for extra awesome flavors, and get them now because they won’t last long. Do not forget about the children when feeding the whole family! From Roast Beef Sliders to Premium 4pc Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal, Arby’s Kids Menu offers perfectly portioned meals. And no Arbys meal is complete without a cold drink to clean it up. For the kids, there’s chocolate milk, Powerade, Coca-Cola, bottled water, and more.

Find an Arby near you for quick and easy meals via our drive-thru or carryout counters. Some locations also offer online ordering and delivery for your convenience. Arbys has you covered if you have a huge appetite for meat.

Prices and items may vary depending on your location and any substitutes you make. Taxes are not included in the price.

What is the best cut of beef for roast beef

For grilling, not all meats are created equal.

Some beef, such as steak, must be grilled or broiled, while others, such as ground beef, must be cooked on the stove.

Look for one of the following roasts for the best roast results:

  • Top Round Roast (AKA Inside Round): This cut of beef has a fat profile and flavor similar to that of top sirloin and is the most common cut for roast beef.
  • Top Sirloin Roast (also known as Top Butt) is a flavorful lean cut with a hint of marble.
  • Bottom Round Roast (also known as Rolled Rump Roast) is a budget-friendly cut with a larger marble than Top Round.
  • Roasted Eye of Round This is a fairly lean circular cut, so it should be sliced ​​very thinly when baking.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see these proper names; You can always find other cuts of beef suitable for roast beef recipes. You can also ask your butcher for recommendations, as they will have the most knowledge of what their meat market has available for you.

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